Shoreditch Park Project

Exploring the recent history of a neighbourhood of factory built prefabricated homes, and the design of daily life in east London.

"It was ever so poor, when we was young. Very poor, wasn't it? Our mothers used to come out shopping every single day, because not like today, you can go in and fill your basket, you couldn't do that, your money didn't go to that. That money was every week lotted out each day, It was life."

"...its geographical location is accidentally based on what was dropped from above. It's not where you would put a park ideally..."

Wandering in the Park

A short edited video made by the youth researchers, followed by man-on-the-street style interviews with Shoreditch Park users.

Postwar Prefab Program

Archival films made towards to the end of world war two to educate people about the prefab program, followed by home movies of life in prefabs from the postwar era.

War Time Destruction

Archival educational films about the war time destruction.

Prefabs Are Still Around

Videos documenting the continued life of Prefabs some seventy years later, including a trailer for Elisabeth Blanchet's documentary about Excalibur Estate.

Social Housing

A documentary about Social Housing

Shaping Daily Life

An archival educational film about the American manufactures of prefabs, followed by lectures and other educational materials about the history and societal effects of industrialization and mass-production.

The Life and Times of Shoreditch Park

A collection of videos documenting the wide range of activities and users at Shoreditch Park.

Gainsborough Pictures

Located across the street from Shoreditch Park, Gainsborough Pictures was a film production company best known for being the home of Alfred Hitchcock's early career. A collection of film clips, starting the Gainsborough Pictures title.

Public Life

A collection of videos about recent interventions into public urban space.