Shoreditch Park Project

Exploring the recent history of a neighbourhood of factory built prefabricated homes, and the design of daily life in east London.

"It was ever so poor, when we was young. Very poor, wasn't it? Our mothers used to come out shopping every single day, because not like today, you can go in and fill your basket, you couldn't do that, your money didn't go to that. That money was every week lotted out each day, It was life."

"...its geographical location is accidentally based on what was dropped from above. It's not where you would put a park ideally..."

Josh: What's your name sir?


J: Perry. Pleased to meet you Perry. What do you do for fun, Perry, first?

P: What do I do for fun?

J: Yeah.

P: Erm, now, my age, fishing.

J: Fishing? Nice, river or sea?

P: Anything, anywhere where there's fish.

J: Nice. How long have you lived in the area?

P: Er, 54 years. It's where your roots are, innit. I mean, I've had opportunities - I moved out for a little while, couple of years, but I moved back because I missed it.

J: Yeah.

P: Yeah I mean it's all changed round here, obviously, everything, there's all the pubs, that pub was a bit of a pub, my pal's pub over's just changed, I dunno. Pubs have changed, pubs have had it, pubs have gone. It's all now bistros, restaurants.

J: Trendy...

P: My kids go out and enjoy them all so yeah, it's not my cup of tea.

J: Ha. Do you have any memories of this park, um, before-?

P: I used to play in it when I was a kid, this was a bombed ruin. These were ruins, this wasn't here, this park has only been here, I dunno, twenty years maybe. Before that it was, it was just - there was a road going through the middle and a road going along the side and then there was a wall all the way round it, and you looked over the wall and it was about a ten foot drop to ruins where they pulled all the houses down from the bombings from the war.

J: Wow. You used to play in the rubble?