Shoreditch Park Project

Exploring the recent history of a neighbourhood of factory built prefabricated homes, and the design of daily life in east London.

"It was ever so poor, when we was young. Very poor, wasn't it? Our mothers used to come out shopping every single day, because not like today, you can go in and fill your basket, you couldn't do that, your money didn't go to that. That money was every week lotted out each day, It was life."

"...its geographical location is accidentally based on what was dropped from above. It's not where you would put a park ideally..."

What's you name?

No, I'm not giving names, I'm fed up with all that.

Ok, no names! I'll call you, er

The mystery woman! [laughs]

The mystery woman

[laughs] Fucking 'ell

Ok, what do you do for fun, mystery woman?

For fun?! Come down here, have a cup of tea and a meal, and enjoy

Meet a friend, drive the caff owner mad

What do you think it means to be a real Hoxton person then?

They;re the salt of the earth, and I don't mean me, personally, the whole people. I'm talking about years ago, in what you call olden days, you should have -

Do you remember about the prefab homes, was it a nice place to live, what were they like?

Very good.


Yeah. It's a shame they ever knocked them down, but there you go.

You lived in one?

With my parents, of course! yeah.

And they had a little garden, didn't they?

They did, cos a friend of mine came to dig the garden and he thought he'd dig a lump out of my toe [laughs]

How long did you live there, quite a few years?

Well tip my poor mum died. What we knew is gone.