Shoreditch Park Project

Exploring the recent history of a neighbourhood of factory built prefabricated homes, and the design of daily life in east London.

"It was ever so poor, when we was young. Very poor, wasn't it? Our mothers used to come out shopping every single day, because not like today, you can go in and fill your basket, you couldn't do that, your money didn't go to that. That money was every week lotted out each day, It was life."

"...its geographical location is accidentally based on what was dropped from above. It's not where you would put a park ideally..."

Well I've only been - I'm sorta newish to the neighbourhood - I've only been there thirty four years


Probably older than you both


But I imagine Irene will have been here donkey's years, ain't you?

Irene: No, no, I haven't been here for donkey's years, no, since 19…54


But it is creeping back to being togetherness.



Yeah, that's a nice word


Yeah, yeah

Because for a little while there was no togetherness, you were all over the place, now the residents are coming more together, er, banding together like they used to, in the old days.

You know, like, it feels like a village.

Right. And you know what, even if I won a million pounds, I still like to live here because of, of the area and the people you know.


About the prefab homes

Oh yes, I didn't live in them, but another lady who I know, she used to live in the prefab homes, when they houses got bombed, because a lot of bombing round this area. I do definitely think people did really like em and they didn't like em, they didn't like it when they had to move out. I think it would be a good idea for people that know a lot of homelessness to make prefabs again. And oh I tell you another thing that, erm, upsets me really - that people that lived in the flats and they was able to buy, you know we was talking about Mrs Thatcher, giving people their rights to buy their own flats, that's broke up communities. So I think it's about, out of my block, there might be five people left that I know - all the rest are strangers. I just wish people would get to know one another a bit more.

Be more open, maybe, to each other..

Yes, yes, yes